Rolling Stone – Best of FarmBorough Festival

Thanks to our friends at Rolling Stone for naming us the “Best Guitar Heroes” at FarmBorough in NYC this past weekend! Read the entire article here.

Photo: Chona Kasinger

Best Guitar Heroes: Striking Matches

Much of Striking Matches’ Nothing But the Silence is a soft mix of country, soul, pop and folk, but there’s a moment during the song “Make a Liar Out of Me” that seems incongruent — a fraught lover’s duet that suddenly explodes with an assertive, belligerent guitar solo. But Striking Matches’ performance at Farmborough proved this strident burst isn’t out of the norm. Making up for an absent band, Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis filled their set with fierce, aggressive strumming. They watched each other warily like boxers, and their riffs were equally pugnacious: Zimmermann’s needle-pointed and precise, Davis’s chaotic and bluesy. They closed, appropriately, with “Make a Liar Out of Me,” and remade it as a volatile jam, eliciting cheers with their most ferocious solos of the night.




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